This committee was established to spearhead the organization's efforts against forced arbitration. The goal is to increase access to justice by eliminating arbitration or leveling the playing field.  The committee will identify, evaluate, and address the main legal, legislative, and advocacy issues affecting our members and their clients throughout the arbitration process.


  • Kirby Canon

  • Rob Hennig


  • Scot Bernstein
  • Kelli Burritt
  • Tracy Fehr
  • Barbara Figari Cowan
  • Tamara Freeze
  • Carol Gillam
  • Paul Glusman
  • Kenneth Goldman
  • Genie Harrison
  • Matthew Helland
  • Laura Horton
  • Renuka Jain
  • Julian Burns King
  • Hunter Pyle
  • Elizabeth Riles
  • Christian Schreiber 
  • Ken Wang
  • Twila White
  • Mariko Yoshihara