Our committee encourages recruitment and retention of traditionally under-represented groups, including persons of color, women, the LGBTQ community, gender, and people with disabilities. Through scholarships, outreach, and educational programs, the committee looks to diverse communities for expanding CELA's membership, training new leaders within the plaintiffs' employment bar, and serving the community. The committee serves as a resource for implementation of CELA's formal diversity policy.


  • Lisa Mak
  • Rabiah Rahman


  • J. Bernard Alexander III
  • Rhonel Aquino
  • Navruz Avloni
  • Christina Cheung
  • Adrianne De Castro
  • Melissa Fulgencio
  • Patrice Goldman
  • Tilak Gupta
  • Jean Hyams
  • Toni Jaramilla
  • Dolores Leal
  • Michelle G. Lee
  • Manfred Muecke
  • Wendy Musell
  • Cindy Panuco
  • Elizabeth L. Riles
  • Supreeta Sampath
  • Bryan Schwartz
  • Joshua Slatkin
  • Scott M. Stillman
  • Jane Tanimura
  • Allyssa Villanueva

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