Carries out CELA's mandate to advance the rights of California employees. Committee members are involved in a number of activities, including drafting legislation concerning employee rights, monitoring bills introduced in the California Legislature that may significantly affect employees' rights, providing technical assistance to legislators and their aides, and communicating with legislators about reasons to support or oppose bills affecting California employees.

CELA members testify in the California Assembly and Senate committees on proposed legislation. We also work in coalition with labor, legal and civil rights organizations to improve the quality of life for working women and men.

If you would like to become a member of CELA’s Legislative Committee contact our Legislative Counsel & Policy Director, Mariko Yoshihara at

CELA Legislative Counsel & Policy Director: Mariko Yoshihara
Phone: (916) 340-5084

Co-Chair: Scot Bernstein
Phone: (916) 275-2255

Co-Chair: Menaka Fernando
Phone: (415) 638-8800

If you are interested in applying for a political or judicial appointment, please contact our Legislative Counsel & Policy Director, Mariko Yoshihara at


  • Mariko Yoshihara


  • Scot D. Bernstein
  • Menaka Fernando


  • Asaf Agazanof
  • J. Bernard Alexander III
  • Renee Amador
  • Megan Beaman
  • Gina Browne
  • Kirby Canon
  • James Clapp
  • James Clark
  • Devin Coyle
  • Zachary Crosner
  • Katherine Debski
  • David deRubertis
  • Maria G. Diaz
  • David Duchrow
  • Menaka Fernando
  • Barbara Figari
  • Jean Ger
  • Gail Glick
  • Paul Glusman
  • Kenneth Goldman
  • Alex Hartounian
  • Traci Hinden
  • Phil Horowitz
  • Christina Humphrey
  • Jean Hyams
  • Toni Jaramilla
  • Rebecca Kagin
  • Andy Katz
  • Aaron Kaufmann
  • Julian Burns King
  • Eric Kingsley
  • Adam Koshkin
  • Jennifer Kramer
  • Noah Lebowitz
  • Janette Lee
  • Leslie Levy
  • Michael Levy
  • Anthony Lewis
  • Kimberly Lind
  • Tina Locklear
  • Enrique Martinez
  • Emily McGrath
  • Ramit Mizrahi
  • Beth Mora
  • Annette Morasch
  • Michael Kipp Mueller
  • Erin Pulaski
  • Rory Quintana
  • Alan J. Reinach
  • Alan Romero
  • Andrea Rosa
  • Eliot Rushovich
  • Leonard H. Sansanowicz
  • Christian Schreiber
  • Jeannette Vaccaro
  • Richard Vaznaugh
  • Stephen Wiard

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