This committee works on issues of particular importance to federal and public sector employees, including maximizing access to due process on the job. The committee encourages members to represent public employees, educates members regarding representing public employees, and makes this area of employment law less mystifying to our fellow members.


  • Oshea Orchid
  • Dean Royer


  • Ronald Ackerman
  • J. Bernard Alexander III
  • George Allen
  • Calvin Chang
  • Mary-Alice Coleman
  • David Duchrow
  • Tracy Fehr
  • Toni Jaramilla
  • Robert Jaret
  • Eric Lambdin
  • Larry Minsky
  • Michael A. Morguess
  • Wendy Musell
  • Christopher E. Platten
  • Andrea Rosa
  • Raven Sarnoff
  • Tanya Smith
  • Marilynn Mika Spencer
  • Joseph Tojarieh
  • Marjorie Wallace
  • Mariko Yoshihara
  • Tom Yu

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