This committee was formed in order to address persistent concerns raised by CELA members that we have experienced in our own practice of racism and/or sexism in the judiciary.  We are considering a number of actions to publically address these issues, and actions that can potentially be taken on an immediate basis to assist CELA members facing these issues.


  • Lauren Abrams
  • Mari Bandoma Callado
  • Megan Beaman-Jacinto
  • Hillary Benham-Baker
  • Craig Byrnes
  • Barbara Cowan
  • Barbara DuVan-Clarke
  • Tracy Fehr
  • Tamara Freeze
  • Elana Levine
  • Lisa Mak
  • Beth Mora
  • Wendy Musell
  • Rabiah Rahman
  • Elizabeth Riles
  • Allison Schulman
  • Sereena Singh