The CELA Bulletin

is sent to members every month. The CELA Bulletin includes case summaries of every significant published California case, state and federal, on California employment law, and more. And, it’s all from the employee advocate’s perspective.

CELA’s Online List…

is our online discussion forum on the Internet for regular CELA members. On the CELA List, you can ask other CELA members for practical advice about your cases, share information about opposing counsel, judges, and mediators, and be a part of the community of California employee advocates.

CELA’s Mentor Program…

matches lawyers newer to representing employees with seasoned practitioners who will generously share their experience and expertise.

CELA’s Membership Directory…

lists all members and their areas of practice. Members can also choose to include their listing on CELA’s website. This directory puts your California colleagues as close as your telephone for ideas, support and assistance.

CELA’s Website…

gives you information you can use. There is a “Members Only” Brief Bank located in our wiki with memoranda of points and authorities, complaints, law outlines, and more. There is a legal links page with links to over a hundred of the best sites on the Internet for California lawyers representing employees.

Amicus Briefs

filed by CELA help develop California employment law’s legal precedents and protect plaintiffs’ verdicts. Your CELA membership sponsors these briefs to the California Supreme Court and Courts of Appeals.

California Legislation

proposals are made and monitored by CELA, which provides its members with information about pending bills. CELA works in coalitions to improve legal protection for California employees.

Educational Seminars

including the CELA Annual Conference (with two days of seminars for employee advocates). CELA gives you practical training from the employee advocate’s point of view.