The committee expands the membership's awareness of unique issues facing immigrant clients and their legal representatives. They share information on available remedies for undocumented workers and the irrelevance of immigration status to the recovery of wages and other employment disputes.


  • Cristal Cabrera
  • Rebecca Kagin


  • Amelia Alvarez
  • Nina Baumler
  • Megan Beaman
  • Adrian Byrne
  • Kirby Canon
  • Meenoo Chahbazi 
  • Maria G. Diaz
  • Marisa Diaz
  • Menaka Fernando
  • Karina Godoy 
  • Christopher Ho
  • Joseph M. Lovretovich
  • Enrique Martinez
  • Marco A. Palau
  • Cynthia L. Rice
  • Elizabeth Riles
  • C. Joe Sayas, Jr.
  • Joseph Tojarieh
  • Brisa Velazquez

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