Provides resources to members to enable them to effectively pursue wage and hour claims on behalf of their clients. The committee educates members about class action litigation and works closely with the Amicus Committee to avoid negative published opinions and support positive published opinions. The committee also networks with other associations, legal groups and public agencies who may be involved in wage and hour litigation or legislation.


  • Lauren Teukolsky
  • Catha Worthman


  • Scot D. Bernstein
  • Daniel Brown
  • Grainne Callan
  • Nadine Chang
  • Pouya Chami
  • Cornelia Dai
  • Nicholas Ferraro
  • Andrea Fields
  • Jacob George
  • Kenneth Goldman
  • Elizabeth Gropman
  • Ely Grinvald
  • Nicol Hajjar
  • Christina Humphrey
  • Aaron Kaufmann
  • Jennifer Kramer
  • Eugene Lee
  • Jennifer Liu
  • Brent Marlis
  • Irma Martinez
  • Justin Marquez
  • Tina Mehr
  • Wendy Musell
  • Marco Palau
  • Hunter Pyle
  • Jennifer Reisch
  • Cynthia L. Rice
  • Leonard H. Sansanowicz
  • Christian Schreiber
  • Bryan Schwartz
  • Elliot Siegel
  • David Spivak
  • Rachel Terp
  • Kenneth Yoon

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